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Friday, June 28, 2013

  !!!!!Watch Rights being Violated !!!!!

1:00 pm today I go witness Melissa Emerling-Byers , Timothy McNickel, "the Clerk of Courts", (officer) Smith and Morgan as they continue to Violate my RIGHTS and more importantly watch them Prove by their actions that they are further facilitating the ENSLAVEMENT of the Free inhabitants of this world.

We are Supposed to be governed by our Consent and I have Withdrawn my Consent to be governed.

This will be yet more Evidence of the Intent to restrict Us of Life and Liberty...

Its not only our Right to stand up against our Oppressor, but our Duty to Defend our Rights for future generations to come..

Anyone that wishes to bare Witness to these injustices please come to the East Liverpool Court and do your part.. 

They will do one of two things today.. 

1. Recognize Free will.


2. Further Prove to the People we have been ENSLAVED.

Either way I will continue to Stand up for You and OUR very Freedoms and I hope You will do the same.. 

Please follow my blogs and push this information to thousands more... 

"If these Transgressions continue I will have no choice but to seek lawful recourse, as I can establish against the judge, prosecuting attorney, clerk and officers valid cause of action, standing, corpus delicti, actual or justiciable controversy, and thus jurisdiction for our court to hear our allegations of this courts insistence on violating my rights. 

I comprehend Fully I have at my disposal BOTH criminal and common law charges we can file to seek Remedy, which if ignored by the common pleas court can be escalated to the civil courts once remedy at common law has been exhausted".

The World is Watching and We need to be Lawful examples of what a real "Society" is...

Jamie Weare Notsheep Barker

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