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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We are all capable of being Heros

I was riding in a car and seen a "man" punch a woman in the face. She flipped backwards. There must have been 20 people watching standing next to her. My mother grabed my arm and said "No Jamie,Don't". She knew I couldn't except such injustices.. I got out and said "i don't know what your thinking, but you can try that with me if you like".

The man said he didn't have a problem with me.. I said " I have a problem with You smashing her out and on top of that how are the rest of you people going to stand and do nothing". Granted this man was about 6'2 maybe 230 pounds of mentally unstable rage.. as I walked towards him as to move him away from her.

He asked for someone to call the police.. I was surprised to say the least. As the woman stood up and the man sat with his eyes no longer crazy, his rage subdued another woman walked up and put her hand on my shoulder and said "don't do anything you will regret, the police will be here soon." I told her I would regret nothing about today, how about the rest of you". As the police pulled in, I pulled out..

We are all capable of being Heros .. Stand up and Help someone... If it makes you sick inside to see, Do something about it

True story..

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