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Friday, June 28, 2013

  !!!!!Watch Rights being Violated !!!!!

1:00 pm today I go witness Melissa Emerling-Byers , Timothy McNickel, "the Clerk of Courts", (officer) Smith and Morgan as they continue to Violate my RIGHTS and more importantly watch them Prove by their actions that they are further facilitating the ENSLAVEMENT of the Free inhabitants of this world.

We are Supposed to be governed by our Consent and I have Withdrawn my Consent to be governed.

This will be yet more Evidence of the Intent to restrict Us of Life and Liberty...

Its not only our Right to stand up against our Oppressor, but our Duty to Defend our Rights for future generations to come..

Anyone that wishes to bare Witness to these injustices please come to the East Liverpool Court and do your part.. 

They will do one of two things today.. 

1. Recognize Free will.


2. Further Prove to the People we have been ENSLAVED.

Either way I will continue to Stand up for You and OUR very Freedoms and I hope You will do the same.. 

Please follow my blogs and push this information to thousands more... 

"If these Transgressions continue I will have no choice but to seek lawful recourse, as I can establish against the judge, prosecuting attorney, clerk and officers valid cause of action, standing, corpus delicti, actual or justiciable controversy, and thus jurisdiction for our court to hear our allegations of this courts insistence on violating my rights. 

I comprehend Fully I have at my disposal BOTH criminal and common law charges we can file to seek Remedy, which if ignored by the common pleas court can be escalated to the civil courts once remedy at common law has been exhausted".

The World is Watching and We need to be Lawful examples of what a real "Society" is...

Jamie Weare Notsheep Barker

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

powerful forces

There are powerfull forces that mean to bleed us dry over a lifetime...
They have only but one agenda.. They want to remain in power....
Feed off of the blood, sweat and tears of billions of sleeping people.

I may only be One, but I come with Many behind me.......

I am your Freedom Friend and here if I can help ..

We are all capable of being Heros

I was riding in a car and seen a "man" punch a woman in the face. She flipped backwards. There must have been 20 people watching standing next to her. My mother grabed my arm and said "No Jamie,Don't". She knew I couldn't except such injustices.. I got out and said "i don't know what your thinking, but you can try that with me if you like".

The man said he didn't have a problem with me.. I said " I have a problem with You smashing her out and on top of that how are the rest of you people going to stand and do nothing". Granted this man was about 6'2 maybe 230 pounds of mentally unstable rage.. as I walked towards him as to move him away from her.

He asked for someone to call the police.. I was surprised to say the least. As the woman stood up and the man sat with his eyes no longer crazy, his rage subdued another woman walked up and put her hand on my shoulder and said "don't do anything you will regret, the police will be here soon." I told her I would regret nothing about today, how about the rest of you". As the police pulled in, I pulled out..

We are all capable of being Heros .. Stand up and Help someone... If it makes you sick inside to see, Do something about it

True story..

Fear Not

When we enter the arena fear is what binds us to their terms and condition.

We must always remember We created their position and it is Us whom rule what it is we create and not the other way around..

Know Who you are and Remember What they are and half the battle is already won....

We have been ENSLAVED..

I'm going Public.... Share this and help protect Your Freedoms as it is Our Duty to defend Rights to secure them for future generations...

We struggle against a CORPORATE entity that has enslaved the People through sheer ignorance and their best weapon against Us is Your silence...

I am going to bring our little city to the Truth through exposure by way of a Very Public stand in Private Venue..

Each transgression against me will serve two fold...

1. Furthered evidence gathered for MASSIVE suits, Civil and Criminal against each individual, all "employers/shareholders" and bondholders involved.

2. I am Loved, looked upon for help and Respected by the masses in my city and with each word I utter, the Truth spreads. The more fuel added by these De-Facto "courts", the more in this city will Rally behind me in our fight for our very Freedom.

They may strap me down, beat me until my blood falls like rain or lock me away and all they will have done is reinforced my point...

We have been ENSLAVED.....

So all suggestions on how to push my story and the facts to the People in my community will be appreciated..

Perhaps I will be renting space in the local papers, Craigslist, Bargain Hunter, passing out flyers, videos, gathering witnesses to attend city council meetings where I will bring this on the public record, rallies/cookouts/block parties and anything I can put my face, commitments, and passion into to defend against the missinformation and abuse perpetrated against me/us.

I call on everyone who knows me and what kind of man I am to help me in my efforts by telling your friends.

We have been ENSLAVED...


"Sovereignty itself is, of course, not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law; but in this system, while Sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government, Sovereignty itself remains with the people, by whom and for whom all government exists and acts"  Yick Wo v. Hopkins

Sovereignty simply means the highest authority, and ALL individuals are Sovereign over their own affairs and property.

“the SUI JURIS philosophy is grounded in self evident truth, and the birthright that we RULE OUR OWN MINDS, bodies, and administrate all of our own affairs”

Today I rise and use direction found in my resolve….

Tomorrow my resolve will rise above the direction of those who do not know..

And every day forth will lead us one step further on our journey….

Do as you know and when you know better you will do better..

We choose our path.. no one else.
I see Our world Crying.

I see us screaming for help.

I see the people with no idea as to where they should look for the answers.

And then I see You.

You are the the finger that wipes away the tears.

You are the ear that hears us cry.

You are the Answer that we seek and I am with you.

I know I am just one warrior, but my strength is givin by the warriors who stood strong before .. and I give strength to the many warriors who will stand strong after.

You are My power and I Yours...

Stand Strong Always…
Are You FREE or Are You a SLAVE?

A Free inhabitant can make choices outside the influence of another, do you have a choice to be a “Citizen” or Not?

"We are Governed by our Consent" and if we WITHDRAW said Consent we have made the CHOICE NOT to be Governed as is the Free Choice of All inhabitants.

This is the bases of Our Freedom within this Society and if we Cant retract our Consent then we are Not Governed by our Consent, WE ARE SLAVES..

STATUTES are Only given force of law “by your Consent” and being thats the case then it only stands to reason that if we Retract our Consent then STATUTES are NOT given force of law by your Consent.

Slaves have No choices, they are Ordered what to do not requested..

Slaves are held to a Life under the Rule of another that they did Not Consent to and forced into labor and then made give up their earnings to those whom hold him captive.

We all live in this world together, but we do not all play part in the same “Society”.. 
Society being a collective of Free inhabitants coming together in a mutual Agreement to adhere to a certain set of “rules” previously “CONSENTED” to.

Each inhabitant does their part within said system because they have made the Free Choice to participate within said system.

At any time any Free inhabitant makes the “CHOICE” to Not be part of a system/Society and that system/Society Refused to recognize the Free inhabitants Choice and HONOR it, then that inhabitant is No longer Free. 

I ask you now,

I am a Free inhabitant being treated as a Slave.. Are You? 

I have retracted my consent to be governed and made it known by way of the sheriff using a (Common Law) Notice of Understanding, Intent, Claim of Right, Fee Schedule and Permanent Estoppel by Acquiescence.

My wife and I married Common Law, recognized by a judge in documentation (first time Ohio has recognized Common Law marriages since the early 90s ;)

I receive No benefits and I reserve All Rights.

I live openly in accordance with Common Law.

I do Not give STATUTES force of law by my consent.

I understand that my rights only end where anothers begin.


Now ask yourself, if a Free inhabitant retracts his Consent and lives openly as No part of said System and that System FORCES said Free inhabitant to live as a member of that Society, Would that Society/System not be forcing you into SLAVERY

We have Choices and when any entity Strips us of those Choices then We are no longer Free. 

We are prisoners and Slaves.

Please Honor all Free Choices made by the Free inhabitants of this world.


~Jamie Weare Notsheep Barker~

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Comes now Jamie-Ellsworth:Barker, the Living Man and NOT: a Surety, Owner of a Social Security Number, or 14th Amendment U.S. citizen, or an entity known as the LEGAL PERSON, JAMIE ELLSWORTH BARKER.

I am Jamie, first born son of Dennis and Helen of the Great Family Barker... 

The 7th gen descendant of my Grandfather Tecumseh and cousin to Mary Cross, my proclaimed voice of the Shawnee and we are of the Ogitchedau people.

I have retracted my consent to be governed and have let this be known by way of the sheriff using a (Common Law) Notice of Understanding, Intent, Claim of Right, Fee Schedule and Permanent Estoppel by Acquiescence.

My wife and I married Common Law, recognized by a judge in documentation (first time Ohio has recognized Common Law marriages since the early 90s ;)

I live openly in accordance with Common Law while applying a Sui Juris philosophy to my existence.

I do Not give STATUTES force of law by my consent.

I understand that my rights only end where anothers begin.

No Presumptions, Just a Living Man who Lives Free.

                   ~Jamie Weare Notsheep Barker~