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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

powerful forces

There are powerfull forces that mean to bleed us dry over a lifetime...
They have only but one agenda.. They want to remain in power....
Feed off of the blood, sweat and tears of billions of sleeping people.

I may only be One, but I come with Many behind me.......

I am your Freedom Friend and here if I can help ..


  1. "Money is created and controlled by vampires and rapists. They love gold more than anybody. They are about as evil as people can get, so I don’t see anything positive coming from them."

  2. Ultimately, the worldview of the masses has been funneled into an alternate reality. People are buying into this facsimile as if it were the genuine article. This can be, and should be, likened to idolatry. The masses, are just as much today as they were in ancient times, sacrificing their energy to false gods. What we call money is fake. It is an abstract concept with no natural value outside of the "system". If the system crashes, the reserve notes go with it. Great!

    Now, the creators of this system are literally banking on maintaining a power differential where they use the dialectic to create an artificial scarcity. Unbeknownst to the masses, scarcity in nature DOES NOT EXIST! Only abundance exists in reality.

    Now, to maintain this fake differential of power, the masses literally have to be fleecing and milking themselves - effectively buying into the golden calf. Check. Done.

    Presently, the foundation has been laid, the blocks are erected, and the final capping of the pyramid will be the capstone that completely shuts off the light of reason. When this is done, the children of these psychopaths will inherit a world of total darkness where they are literal Gods. They will then emerge from their hiding in the shadows and reveal themselves, bathing in the worship.

    Now, it is a natural law of the universe that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, for every inch of distortion they perpetuate on the public, an equal (or greater amount) of freedom activists increases an inch as well. And because of the natural law of evolution, equilibrium, and love, our inch is greater than theirs. See, the Universe is expanding NOT contracting. Were it disintegrating, freedom would be in the negative polarity. But nature is all about love so these Satanic adherents are actually extremely stupid to think they can control and imprison the mind of mankind. They have their day coming!

    This is why the police and military (their order following dogs) are THE most brain dead individuals on the face of the planet. Only a confused, self loathing, insecure idiot would want that job. The so called "elitists (who are nothing of the sort btw) already know this. Thje sad thing is, these order followers are the buffer zone between freedom and the forces enslaving this planet. Therefore, it is the number 1 priority to try and wake these order following idiots up from their deep slumber. We have to get into their heads hard core.Otherwise, blood will flow and unfortunately for them, regardless how technologically militarized their forces are, they will be on the receiving end of the stick.

    I do not want to see it come to blood shed but looking at how brain dead the masses have become, still supporting the concept of "authority from without and victimhood from within"... mass consciousness is under great delusion (idolatry).

    Solution. Persistent education, activism, and uniting of brothers and sisters who LOVE freedom, nature, true law, harmony, peace, love, prosperity, positive vibes, MORALITY, and actual life.

    I presently am situated in a city called Youngstown located in a Static border commonly referred to as "Ohio". I am open for presenting CLEAR definitive informational presentations pertaining to how the laws of the Universe operate and how the human psyche is governed by those laws. I may be contacted at for anyone interested in my area in having an intervention to wake somebody up. There is no charge. Drug addicts, victims, whatever. This information is what will possess them with life force energy enabling volitional will to reactivate.