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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Comes now Jamie-Ellsworth:Barker, the Living Man and NOT: a Surety, Owner of a Social Security Number, or 14th Amendment U.S. citizen, or an entity known as the LEGAL PERSON, JAMIE ELLSWORTH BARKER.

I am Jamie, first born son of Dennis and Helen of the Great Family Barker... 

The 7th gen descendant of my Grandfather Tecumseh and cousin to Mary Cross, my proclaimed voice of the Shawnee and we are of the Ogitchedau people.

I have retracted my consent to be governed and have let this be known by way of the sheriff using a (Common Law) Notice of Understanding, Intent, Claim of Right, Fee Schedule and Permanent Estoppel by Acquiescence.

My wife and I married Common Law, recognized by a judge in documentation (first time Ohio has recognized Common Law marriages since the early 90s ;)

I live openly in accordance with Common Law while applying a Sui Juris philosophy to my existence.

I do Not give STATUTES force of law by my consent.

I understand that my rights only end where anothers begin.

No Presumptions, Just a Living Man who Lives Free.

                   ~Jamie Weare Notsheep Barker~


  1. I am here to shine light on the darkness all around us by way of sharing the Truth as I know it...

    We are Many and OUR voices hold Great Power...

    Join me in Defending our Freedoms to guarantee the Rights of the generations to come